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Milestones achieved over two decades

  • 1985 - C. Samarpana Adams and Rajini Kanth Babji attended the Canon Training workshop at Hong Kong for (A-series cameras) on invitation by Y. Shimogowa. The training workshop was held under the guidance of Michael Fung from June 17th to 28th.

  • 1990 - C. Samarpana Adams, A.G.K. Murthy, M.D. Ibrahim, Jaideep Sandry, Raju Boirs Adams visited Canon HK for training in camera series A-1, AL-1, MC/MC-10, Sprint/Snappy S, EOS/650/620, Sure shot joy/Ace, Sure Shot Zoom XL, Sureshot Caption Zoom/Zooms, Prima Tele between February 5th and 23rd under the trainer Micheal Fung. T. Yamamoto, Manager, Technical Support I, Service Division was a special invitee.

    On March 20th T. Yamamoto and N. Fukushima/G.M. from Canon HK visited our office in Hyderabad. And on August 10th, Masaharu Aoki of Nikon HK and Yoshio Kurokawa of Nikon Japan visited our office in Hyderabad. Again on December 2nd & 3rd N. Fukushima/G.M. and T. Yamamoto, Service Manager from Canon HK visited us.

  • 1992 - Samarpana Adams C. and Mahendra G. attended Canon HK training for EOS - 10, EOS-1000, Epoca 105/135 Caption, Prima Zoom 65/105 Caption, Prima 5/Twins between November 16th and November 27th. Trainer - Micheal Fung and invitee- T. Yamamoto, Manager, Technical Support.

    Camera Tester Model EF-511NK purchased in 1992. Agreement for repair of Canon photography products were made between Canon Hong Kong Trading Co. Ltd and Deendayal Camera repairers on November 27th. Multiple Tools Free promotional support from Canon HK.

  • 1994 - Deen Dayal Adams attended the Canon Hong Kong training workshop from April 18th to 29th for AE-1, A-1, T-90, EOS 100, Epoca 105/135, Flashes 300/420/430 EZ Trainer - Michael Fung.

    'Appointed as Minolta Authorised Service Centre' on 14th May'.

    - Deen Dayal Adams and Praveen Adams attended the Service meeting and Technical training workshop from April 4th to 30th invited by T. Matsuda, Asst. Manager, Service Coordination Dept, Osaka, Japan. Trainer - Hasegawa, Technical Advisor, Administration Department from Osaka, Japan. Models: Xg Series, x-300s, 7000/7000-I, Zoom 90c, Zoom 70c, AF-Tele superAF-T, Dynax 700si, Dynax 7 XI, Dynax 3xi, xi-lens 28-105, xi lens-35-80Zoom 105 ex.

    Tools purchased from Minolta Japan: Collimator Rc- 1000III Set, Auto Collimator Model 24L, Universal Focusing Mirror, Card I/F Box and Jigs & Tools and other devices.

    In addition to the above, Minolta has given us free Promotional support like videotape for Dynax-7xi, Dynax-7000i, Minolta-5000, Xg-2, AF Zoom Xi (28-105mm, 35-80mm), etc.

  • 1995 - Between the 5th and 10th of June, Deen Dayal Adams & R.K. Murthy attended Minolta HK training. Invitee - T. Matsuda, and trainer - Allan.

    On Feb 16 Izo Suzuki and K. Inadomi from Olympus Hong Kong visited our Hyderabad Office between June 12th and 16th. Our company deputed two persons for training R. K. Murthy and C. Deen Dayal Adams. Trainer - I. Suzuki, invitee - Inadomi Models: Mju-1, Mju-Zoom, Az-300, Af-10 mini, AF -1 mini.

    On 21st September, I. Tezuka from Minolta Singapore and T. Matsuda from Hong Kong visited our Bangalore Head Office. Between Oct 23rd and 27th, Deen Dayal Adams was deputed by our company for Training at Hong Kong. Trainer - I. Suzuki. Invitee - K. Inadomi Models: Series like 1000/2000/3000/100, SZ-110/80/70. One way air ticket, accommodation and free promotional support from Olympus Hong Kong.

  • 1996 - On March 7th, our Company was appointed as Pentax authorized service center . Between March 25th and 29th, Deen Dayal Adams and M. Sharma were deputed by our Company for Training conducted by Olympus HK in New Delhi, India. Trainer - S. Yahaba for compact cameras. Models: SZ-120, Az-200, and Om-10. Tools purchased- System Checker Model-Ck-IIA , Jigs & Tools etc.,

    Olympus appointed repair shop agreement on 30th September

    On May 23rd, K. Inadomi and K. Fukuda from Olympus Hong Kong visited our Bangalore Head Office.

    On 13th Nov, our Company was appointed as Ricoh authorised Service Center.

  • 1997 - Between April 7th and 11th, our Company deputed M. Sam Raj, Uma Kanth Rao and Basil Raj Kumar for training at Kolkata, India. Trainer - H. Endo from Olympus Hong Kong. Models: MJU?Zoom 105, MJU-2, SZ-700bf.

    Between 7th and 11th April, C. Samarpana Adams from Bangalore and Chandra Kanth Rao from Hyderabad underwent training at Canon Singapore. Invitee - H. Shigara, Manager, Service Department. Trainer - Roland Poon. Models- CD-ROM, Aps/Ixux, OJT-Lens Shutter Camera, OJT-SLR cameras etc.

    On invitation by Ricoh, we have deputed three persons, namely, Praveen Kumar Adams and Kishore, both from Hyderabad and Babu Prasad from Bangalore for training conducted at Mumbai by the training team Choi Wing Yu and his companions to work on Models: RZ-800, FF-10S Zoom, RZ-1000, R-1 and AF-80 with Jigs and Tools on the basis of free promotional support from Ricoh, Hong Kong.

  • 1998 - C. Deen Dayal Adams was deputed for training at Mumbai, India from May 13 to 16 on invitation by M/s. S.J. Mehta of Allied Photography India Ltd. to work on Pentax Models: Espio/738 (Similar to Zoom 105 R), PC-50, EspioSPIO-115, K-1000, Mz-5, Mz10.

  • 1999 - We were given an opportunity to enter the International trade fair and be a part of Photovision 99 which was held in Dubai. We provided our customers with phenomena spare parts on the spot and helped them get their cameras back into working condition.

  • 2001 - During the month of April we participated in the Service Managers' Seminar for All India Authorized Service Facilities conducted by 'Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.' at Singapore.

  • 2003 - Two members from Deendayal Camera & Co. attended the the Service Managers' Seminar for All India Authorized Service Facilities at 'Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.' in the month of March, where the theme for the seminar was 'Digital Camera Technology'.

    In this connection Simon Segayaraj underwent special training in computerized repairing procedures for Digital Cameras.

  • 2004 - Two of our technicians were invited by Konica-Minolta at Singapore for a special On-hand Training Programme for Digital Cameras.

  • 2005 - Canon India Priviate Limited (CIPL) conducted for the first time a one-day seminar at Gurgaon, near Delhi, for the representatives of Authorised Service Centres in India. Main focus at this seminar was on Canon range of Digital cameras. Also Deendayal Camera & Co. pariticipated in this meting.

  • 2006 - Canon India Priviate Limited (CIPL) conducted a special meeting at Gurgaon for all Authorised Service Centres (ASF) in India at Gurgaon. Canon's growing market share in India necessitates improvement of service facilities for Digital cameras in coordination with Canon Care Centres all over India. Soon afterwards, Messers Shimogowa of Canon Japan, Marcius Lew of Singapore visited Deendayal Camera & Co. at Bangalore along with a team from CIPL.

  • 2007 - Representatives from Fujifilm visited Deendayal Camera & co., Bangalore. Successful negotiations for supply of spare parts for all models of Fuji digital cameras.

  • Over 25 years of experience and expertise


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