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Your trusted Service Facility in Bengaluru for Analog and Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deendayal Camera & Co. undertake repairs for cameras of any make and model?

We do in most cases. We stock spare parts in sufficient quantities. But if the manufacturer has discontinued parts support we may not be able to repair some models. For more information on this please use our Contact form (Conditions apply).

What about cameras under warranty?

Normally the dealer would sell a camera along with a warranty card. However, warranty claims are limited to the country where the camera has been purchased, unless covered by an internationally valid warranty. We provide repair service for cameras out of warranty but give our own warranty.

Can Deendayal Camera & Co. give guarantee for the repairs performed?

Yes. Repaired products are guaranteed to be free from defects under normal use for the term specified by product type below:

Standard Consumer Cameras and Accessories are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of repair completion.

How much will it cost to repair my camera?

It is difficult to answer this question without details regarding the type of product and the failure encountered. Please use our Contact form and email us with these details. We will respond by Email and provide you with a general repair estimate. We provide these estimates to the best of our ability and reserve the right to amend this estimate upon actual inspection.

How should I send my camera to Deendayal Camera & Co. for repair?

Pack your camera in a box large enough for a minimum of 3 inches of soft padding around the unit to withstand shocks. Use bubble wrap or newspaper to provide the padding and send the box by Courier service or registered post. It is advisable to insure the package for the replacement value of the content. Please include your name, address, telephone number and a letter or work order detailing the product defect. If the product is submitted for warranty repair also include your dated sales receipt. On successful repair you will receive the camera by V.P.P.

What happens after Deendayal Camera & Co. receives my camera?

If the camera was submitted for warranty or extended warranty repairs with the correct documents the camera goes right into our service department for repair. When cameras are received for non-warranty repairs an estimate is issued and either mailed or faxed to you. The estimate can be approved with payment by a Credit Card for the fastest return. Cheques or money orders are also accepted.

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